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September 12 2017

During Irma hurricane, Miami.
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Гирлянда котиста…

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Gotta love Palm Trees 🌴 By Innovationartz

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Abandoned Victorian Style Greenhouse, Villa Maria, in northern Italy near Lake Como. Photo taken in 1985 by Friedhelm Thomas.(Source)

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One of my favorite pieces of artwork by the amazing & talented

Soey Milk

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Joy Division

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Exquisite Terrariums Crafted With Stained Glass by Keith Baddams

Artisan Keith Baddams has created a set of unique terrariums that have an unique look and feel. After many decades of restoring stained glass windows, he’s using that expertise into small, regal homes for plants and moss. Both of these styles are now available in Baddam’s Etsy shop, where he also sells stained glass lamps.

Shop Now →

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Nie płacz w liście
nie pisz że los ciebie kopnął
nic ma sytuacji na ziemi bez wyjścia
kiedy Bóg drzwi zamyka - to otwiera okno
odetchnij popatrz
spadają z obłoków
małe wielkie nieszczęścia potrzebne do szczęścia
a od zwykłych rzeczy naucz się spokoju
i zapomnij ze jesteś gdy mówisz że kochasz
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This one’s an older poem titled “Gaze.”

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September 11 2017

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